What is MurderShadow?

It's a Fast Paced FPS game that puts you against other players to compare yours skills and get some fun. MurderShadow has unique gameplay - a crossover of a modern and a classical Fast Paced Arena First Person Shooters. The overall game style is based on prototype textures used in maps and other models, which are a little bit cartoon-like (Characters, weapons, some props on maps).

When will it be available?

It is still 'to be announced'. After passing Greenlight and few months of Closed Beta Tests the game will go a step further - it will be available to buy and after some time it will be Free-To-Play.

What about Gameplay?

The overall gameplay is simple and a little bit generic in a few ways. Currently there are 2 gamemodes implemented at the moment, 3 maps and 12 weapons. We will also add few melee weapons in the future.

Who we are?

We are young game developers group from Poland - DigitalBite. Video games are our passion, especially game development. We are working hard in our free time to give you new great FPFPS game. After 8 months of developing MurderShadow, we are finally ready to show our almost completed-project to the world.